TRS Pools Services

Computerized Water Testing

We have the latest computer technology on testing your swimming pool or hot tub water to give you the right amount of chemicals needed to balance your water...for a crystal clear pool!

Rebuild Pump Motors

I can replace your bearings and seals in your pump motor and have it up and running like new again at a fraction the cost of buying a new pump!


We refill tanks and motor homes.

Liners Above Ground

Liners that are purchased from us...we can give you the name of an installer if you decide not to install yourself.

Pool Chemicals.... Supplies.... and Parts

We carry a full line of Chemicals.. Supplies and Parts....And we are here to show you how! New to pool ownership???...don't hesitate to stop by and ask questions about testing water... pump and filter operation... or anything about owning and maintaining your pool the most efficient cost effective way!

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